Final Gala 31.05.2016 — Video!

On Tuesday, 31st of May 2016, at 5 p.m. the final presentations of the Product Innovation Project 2015/16 powered by the Institute of Industrial Management and Innovation Research at Graz University of Technology took place. We like to invite you to watch the stream of this event.

Time table:
00:00:00 – Welcome (German)
00:10:00 – Keynote by Prof. Cornelius Herstatt, Imparativ frugale Innovation – Nicht nur für die “Dritte Welt” (German)
00:42:00 – Product Innovation Project (English)
00:52:00 – Team Smart Journey powered by Porsche Holding (English)
01:02:00 – Team KassCon powered by LOGICDATA (English)
01:14:00 – Team Dynadrive powered by Magna Powertrain (Englisch)
01:25:00 – Team Limitless powered by Beneq (Englisch)
01:35:00 – Team Optify powered by TU Graz (Englisch)
01:43:00 – Team FinStria powered by Styria Media Group (Englisch)
01:51:00 – Team Bonex powered by TU Graz (Englisch)
02:02:00 – Team InfiniD powered by infineon (Englisch)
02:10:00 – Outlook & Product Innovation Project 2016/17 (Englisch)