The Desgin Lab is the brand new homebase of the Product Innovation Project. It is a working environment enabling creative work, knowledge sharing and experience exchange. All facilities are designed for flexible use, with free interaction and prototyping made as easy as possible. Spaces can be easily modified and rearranged for various set-ups and different purposes of use. Meanwhile, the overall layout of the Design Lab encourages open communication and spontaneous encounters.

Design Lab

Münzgrabenstraße 11/V

In the Design Lab students can both work and relax – this combination is vital in creative work.



Münzgrabenstraße 11/BF

Additional workshop facilities give the teams the possibility to realize their ideas and build their prototypes.

FabLab powered by IIM (former IBL/PSM)

Inffeldgasse 11/I

The FabLab offers further opportunities for rapid prototyping with a CNC milling machine, laser cutter, 3D-printer and many more.