Experience companies

  • brand_promise_2008_cmyk

    Dr. Roland Waldner, Philips

    “I am really excited about the creativity, enthusiasm and persistence the team at PIP continuously show. It is always a pleasure for me to  work with such great teams. We have a picture in our mind what we would like to have as an outcome of such a project at the end – and I have to admit: every time much more was achieved than expected. Thanks to the teams!

    We have participated seven times as sponsor. And due to the fact that we are very satisfied with the PIP, we will continue our sponsoring as long as possible!”

  • smaxtec

    Mario Fallast, smaXtec

    “It was a great experience to work with such a great team! The students surprised us continuously with questions we didn´t pose ourselves – and with answers we would not have had. Besides the many ideas, they had also the time to do investigate background information to prepare a common evaluation of them – a very time-consuming job which is rather difficult to do in daily business.

    Summarized, it was a great opportunity to work with a team of hightly motivated and skilled young people in a very well organised format!”