Team Dynadrive

Project Partner:
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Besides permanent 4-Wheel-Driven (4WD) passenger cars, many car manufacturers also offer systems with a continuously variable distribution of torque between the front and rear wheels.
This brings huge advantages in driving performance and safety, but a complex torque distribution system is required.
At this point team DYNADRIVE appears at the scene - to find innovative designs which can be lighter, cheaper, simpler and more efficient. And to bring about the revolution in torque distribution!
Team members:
Mario Habring - Project Manager
Alexander Baumgartner - Prototyping
Lina Rosberg - Finance
Ella Seppä - Mech. Engineering
Inês Soares - Mech. Engineering
David Reiter - Design & Calculation
Filip Van Brantegem - Documentation
Gevorg Sergoyan - Electrics & Electronics