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Google Inc. / Mountain View, CA, USA


The information era has enabled fast access to information through the existence of the World Wide Web. As the increasing abundance of information brings us towards the ”Internet of Things,” the management of and access to information has to become simpler and more intuitive.

In everyday life smart phones and search engines are two mediums to this information, but they are not optimized for industrial use. While the next big revolution in industry is approaching the so called “Industry 4.0″, enabling a worker to instantaneously access this information without using their hands represents one of the main obstacles of future human-machine interactions.

One of the current solutions to this issue is Google Glass – a product suited for everyday life. It has most of the operational functions of a smart phone but depicts data on a small screen in the operator’s field of view and can be interacted with via voice commands.

This project focuses on finding both advantages and disadvantages of a device like Google Glass with the goal of helping to prepare the manufacturing industry for the transition into Industry 4.0