Team Optify
Project Partner:
Distributive sensing using optical fiber is a fascinating measurement technique which delivers precise values over long distances using the very fibers which are used by telecommunication companies all over the world.
Team Optify will find new use cases and applications for this technique and create a ready-to-use solution with high customer benefit, to make this pioneering technique even more attractive.
Team Members:
Patrick Herstätter – Chief Executive Officer and Chief Finance Officer
Kerstin Büttner – Head of Business Administration and Marketing
Juan Campos Alonso – FEM Simulation Expert
Johannes Fröch – Data Evaluation Expert
Bernhard Riedler – Head of IT Department
Patrick Perner – Head of Engineering Department
Nejc Radež – Authority of Electronic Department
Klemen Glušič – Chief Technology Officer
Andrés Leonardo Suárez González – Chief Creative Officer