What are the benefits for students?

The “product innovation project” is a big chance to gain practical experience during your studies. There are many important and interesting reasons to join the project:

Create new concepts and put them into reality!

Be creative, think “out of the box” and let your ideas become reality,
by using the resources we offer you.

Produce your prototypes at FabLab Graz!

For the development of your prototype you will have access to your own project rooms and to different workshops. The highlight for the product development is the Rapid Prototyping Machine (3D printer).

Work and have fun within an international and diverse community!

You will work in an international and interdisciplinary team. Therefore, you will improve your English skills, gain intercultural social competences and learn to think outside the box.

Gain Project Management skills and have a great learning experience!

For you as a team it is important to work together and to fulfill the project tasks. It is part of the project to build up a time schedule, to handle the project budget and to develop a working prototype. In the end you will present your results in Graz and in Helsinki and maybe – if your project was successful – you also have to deal with patents.

Talk to company representatives and get practical experience!

On the one hand, a company is giving the task and the budget to your team and of course they want to work closely with you together.

On the other hand, you are gaining a lot of practical experience in product development, creativity methods, project management, leadership and building up a working prototype. Therefore, it is helping you for the future, wherever you will work.

Get ECTS Credits for your Study Program!

Currently, you receive five ECTS points for the optional compulsory catalogue of the master program “Production Science and Management”. Additional, there are two more ECTS as optional subject. Our objective is to anchor the “product innovation project” course in different study programs at the Graz University of Technology as optional compulsory course.

There is the opportunity to attend further courses like “Teambuilding” or “Creativity Techniques” to get additional ECTS points for your studies.

Present @ Innovation Festival, TU Graz and impress Austria´s leading CEOs!

In the end you will present your project in Graz. Your audience will be students, company representatives, members of the universities and journalists which are interested in your student project.