Project Manager – What’s it like to be one

Every single project needs a manager who is guiding the team through the ups and downs during the project. The project manager is the contact person for the industrial partner and the university. Therefore we are looking for highly motivated students that are willing to improve their leadership qualities

Check out the testimonials from former Project Managers of 2015/16:

olivia neu“The Job of the project manager is challenging and very rewarding. “How can I keep a team motivated all year long?”, How can we do so much in so little time?” – Those were the first questions I asked myself in the beginning. But as a project manager,  you not only pick up the answers to these questions;  you also form great friendships, learn a lot and develop the ability to empower a group of very bright-minded students to create something innovative and truly great.”

Olivia List, Team SmartJourney


patrick“Being a project manager in the PIP gives you the great opportunity to get insights into leadership. You are in charge of a multicultural and crossfun- ctional team and you are the one who has to make decisions on where your project goes and how you deal with conflicting opinions. On top of that you are the one who has to deal first hand with the company contacts, another great opportunity. A project manager will face hard work, but he/she will also gain great opportunities, insights and experiences as a reward.”

Patrick Herstätter, Team Optify


philipp neu“What made me sure, that everything will work out fine? One thing! Being motivated, the most important thing for a project manager. Working together with a motivated team as project manager was insane. Fighting for money, being creative, leading your team safely to the final date and learning how to work together with a company were just tiny pieces I learned at the PIP, simply things you won’t get taught in a lecture!”

Phillipp Berner, Team KassCon



  • Project Management
  • Budgeting
  • Presentations and Reports
  • Teambuilding
  • Overview / Knowledge Transfer

Manage the team trough issues like

  • low motivation
  • conflicting opinions
  • communication
  • uneven workload


  • project manager training
  • most learning experiences